About Caffè1870


For centuries coffee has provided inspiration, warmth, energy, clarity, contemplation and a chance to savor and share “the good life” for all those who enjoyed its robust flavors and rich aromas. It wasn’t until 1870, in a southern town in Italy that true coffee perfection, was created by the founding family of Caffè1870. This was when our family opened our first coffee house and served fresh coffee roasted daily with passion and dedication.

Stepping into a Caffè1870 – The Italian Coffee House is like stepping back in time. Here you’ll find a slower pace and a chance to re-discover the finer, simpler things like food, family and friends. Of course, there’s always the coffee. Each cup is hand-brewed by baristas who are trained in the ways of our founder, Domenico, with a respect, reverence and passion for truly authentic Italian espresso. Our menu features Italian-inspired Panini sandwiches, mediterranean style salads, light croissant breakfasts, cheeses, dressings, fresh vegetables, pastries, spices and flavors.

It is through Caffè1870 – The Italian Coffee House that we strive to bring our family, our culture, our traditions, our food and our coffee to the world so that everyone may enjoy  “the good life” as we do.


Welcome to Caffè1870 – The Italian Coffee House. La dolce vita!


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